Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upcoming Projects

Hey Makers,

Just wanted to check in to let up all know what I'm working on and ideas that I have swirling around in my head.

Recently when I went home to Tennessee ( I claim Tennessee and Ky because I am a child of divorce <aren't we all> and one lives in one and one lives in the other), where my Mother had inadvertently created a hole in the wall.  I showed her how to patch that right up and that will be our next episode.  She saved $40 by not hiring a handyman to do this.  This will be the next episode.  In the future when "Let's just make that!" blows up, this project will fall under "Let's just fix that!" Ohhhh dang, a brand.  

Right now Marcus (that's my boyfriend) needs an extra cutting surface in the kitchen because of lack of counterspace.  I am thinking of a design with semiperminance so that it is there when we need it and out of the way when we don't. I reckon that I will go with a piece of wood hinged to the wall with folding legs.  Think behind the door ironing board.  This should be cool.

He (marcus) also has a pretty bad shoe habit.  Some people snort cocaine, mine buys shoes-mostly on sale, so it could be a lot worse.  This said, we need to find creative storage solutions for this so that we can get them out of the box and vertical.
And lastly, I need a chandelier for my dining room.  I have a bandmate named Millie that needs one too, but as I'm am experimenting and learning, lighting fixtures can be tricky (at least the one's that hang).

If anyone has any suggestions on any of these objects of something that you would like to build, write in.  Dang, Let's just make that!


  1. Love it! My suggestions would be "city" gardening, either container/raised bed or vertical gardening. I could use ideas on that. Second would be some kind of small composting ideas for city dwellers.

  2. I LOVE the temporary cutting table idea! Could we also have a "Let's Just Make a Disaster Preparedness Kit" edition? Also, I've been having a hankering for a solar-powered space heater for a while. There are some videos out there already, but I think the design could be improved upon even more. Last suggestion, I would love to help you come up with a special edition that is dedicated solely to reusing. So on Let's Just Reuse That, we show you how some of the most prominent pieces of trash can easily be turned into useful (AND sexy) household items.

  3. Hi Jessica!

    My suggestion is to design a better baby gate! All the ones available to me are 1) ugly 2) super expensive and 3) not very easily moved around and adjustable. Help!